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At nearly 500 lbs (230 kg) Chuck could barely move at all anymore. It wasn’t until he found a keto diet that thing started to change.

You keto diet don’t experience the increase in ghrelin, the ‘hunger hormone’ that signals your brain to eat, so the diet is easier to maintain. Keto advocates claim it gives them an edge for athletic performance by turning them into fat-burning machines.

Studies have shown that sort of diet to be helpful for children with epilepsy and people with diabetes, but in an otherwise healthy person, it’s routinely discouraged. The ketogenic diet, simply called the keto diet, is a high fat and low or no carbohydrate diet. The ketogenic diet is popular for its quick weight loss benefits. Reports show that the keto diet can help lose up to 10 pounds in just a couple of weeks.

Methods In Perfect Keto – Some Thoughts

But by late 2019, she’d suddenly stopped posting about her results. “I decided to take a break from #keto and live my best carby life,” she wrote in an Instagram post, admitting to her followers that she had gained 20 pounds. I know a lot of people are quitting keto because it’s hard to maintain, and after a year and a half I concur.

Ketosis Isn’t Forever.It’s recommended that you follow this diet to arrive at a state in which your body adapts to burning fat and glucose stores for fuel. Then you’ll want to take an occasional ketosis holiday, adding a serving of unprocessed, whole grains to allow your body to chance to work less hard. Staying in ketosis long-term—without breaks— can cause muscle aches, nausea, and fatigue. The first few days are extremely difficult as your body tries to acclimate to such a low level of carbs. During this adjustment to burning fat instead of glucose, the side effects will make you feel awful; hence the term, keto flu.

This keeps calorie counts under control, which can lead to weight loss and an overall change in your body composition. As we touched on before, the ketogenic diet is an eating strategy where you power your system on fat, rather than carbohydrates.

Foods and drinks that you’ll avoid on the keto diet include many whole fruits (though some fruits are keto-friendly), dried fruits, whole grains, cold cuts, chicken nuggets, milk, ice cream, alcohol, and desserts. But as a general weight-loss plan, keto is more controversial. Some health experts warn against it entirely, citing unpleasant side effects, health risks, and the diet’s unsustainable nature. Even many keto diet proponents admit that, if the diet’s not done “the right way,” it can be the opposite of healthy. Doctors say that the keto diet can be helpful in treating epilepsy; it’s unclear exactly why, but something about a ketogenic state seems to reduce the frequency of seizures.

Real-World Programs For Ketogenic Diet – Where To Go

Is keto diet healthy

The truth is we don’t know how well a keto diet plays in the fitness and athlete world yet. The research is severely lacking in this area, and we can only go off what we know using traditional approaches that have worked. Regardless, some active individuals feel strongly about pursuing their keto diet with their physically intense lifestyle. And more power to you, provided that you are maintaining adequate micronutrient intake to support your metabolic needs. However, it’s critical to not equate these early theories and associations with causation or cures.

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