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The banning of PUBG Mobile in India was the biggest push that the game developers wanted to capitalize on FAU-G APK. And with the association of Bollywood celebrity Akshay Kumar, FAUG kept the expectations up. And now that the game is released and its first big update is on its way, it is time for the developers to hold up their end.

  • The launched version has just a single-player campaign mode unlike PUBG – mobile.
  • Still exact date is not announced but almost in the end of October FAUG will launched.
  • The launch confirmation comes around the news of PUBG Mobile’s possible comeback in India.
  • Today a battle has been fought hard by the city of Orleans, and the arms of the French have suffered disaster and disgrace.
  • Once we understand the goals and requirements of the site, the developers will start coding.

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TheFaug tokens hackis specially developed for all the FAU-G game players. It is quite astonishing to note that before the release of this game, people will be able to get an idea about all the features integrated into the game. It also helps them understand the gameplay in detail. They can engage in the game more effortlessly after understanding it.

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These sections are also marked by bonfire checkpoints. You can restore your health fully there, similar to games like Dark Souls. According to a Reuters report, Gondal said that the game was in progress for a few months. He told that the first level of this game will be based on Galvan Valley.

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